Week 2 – Boston, MA

Our second week in America has started and we are now fully settled in. Benni and Alex are sleeping well and we have developed a relaxed but set rhythm.

The week was spent furnishing Gonki and getting everything ready for the road trip to start. Two full days at IKEA and Walmart allowed us to turn the camper into a home that we should be rather comfortable in. We are due to leave on Thursday the 29th of March with New York City as our first destination. We will spend four nights close to Boston on campgrounds with full amenities to get the boys settled in before hitting the great apple. Upcoming destinations:

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Week 1 – Boston, MA

We have safely arrived in Boston, where we are staying with Mieke’s cousin Stine and her family. Expect for a two hour delay in London Heathrow the flights were uneventful. The boys managed fantastically and we are now slowly settling in. Benni has had a hard time adapting to the new time zone waking up at ~ 5am the first couple of days. While I have been appreciating the early start to the day, I am glad that a week in we are now back to our normal rhythm.

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Our new home – a Class C Thor Freedom Elite 26HE

One of the most important decisions to make is the type of vehicle to get for your road trip. We would like to share the questions and the process that we utilized to zoom in on the right vehicle for us: a Class C Thor Freedom Elite 26HE motorhome.

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How we developed the route for our multi-month road trip

Planning a multi-month road trip doesn’t happen over night (specifically, if you are on a budget). Make sure to start the process early to provide you with sufficient time for research, discussion and revision.

STEP 1: Decide on what country / countries you want to travel.

Traveling with our two boys Mieke and I take four key parameters into consideration when planning an adventure:

  • Healthcare: Given the length of our trip it was important to us to avoid any countries with chronic diseases (e.g Malaria) to minimize the risk of exposing our sons to something that they could struggle with for the rest of our their lives.
    Eliminates: South East Asia, India, East Africa, Central Africa, West Africa, Central America, northern part of South America

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