We are a family of four from Berlin, Germany setting out on the road trip of a life time.  Crammed into a Thor Freedom Elite 26HE Motorhome we are looking to cover 25.000 kilometers in search of wilderness, solitude and the feeling of freedom. We are:

  • Tim (30): entrepreneur, sport enthusiast and culinary adventurer
  • Mieke (27): aspiring teacher, musician and foodie
  • Benni (3): dreamer, loving brother and passionate dinosaur impersonator
  • Alex (1): big brother groupie, water lover and food fanatic

We are planning to travel from Boston to the west coast, go up to Alaska and back down the west coast, tour the great National Parks of the west, before heading towards Austin, Texas as our final destination.


We are looking to use this blog to share stories from our travels hoping to inspire other young families to set out on adventures of their own. Life is an adventure – make yours as colorful as possible.

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