Week 27 – Getting ready for our return home…

As we come to the end of our trip we are preparing for our return home. This summizes a twofold to do list. One focused on rapping up our affairs in the US and one to ensure our return home allows us to pick up where we left of 6 months ago. Given our limited connectivity this is a rather tedious process, but we are continuously chipping away and are making steady progress. Below please find the action items we have compiled so far. Some these are rather trivial, but documenting these lists has been quite helpful to ensuring we don’t forget anything!

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Week 26 – Gonki will stay part of the family!

It’s decided. After confirming that the resale price of Gonki will remain fairly stable over the next four years we have decided to keep our camper. We have been able to secure an enclosed storage unit close to Austin and have already started brainstorming our next trip (summer 2020). We would like to use this opportunity to let you all know that you are happily invited to use the camper. Please reach out to us in case you are interested! (@Daniel – your interest has already been pencilled in. Let’s discuss when we are back!).

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Week 25 – Home sweet home!

This past week was an emotional rollercoaster. Being allowed to share our nomad life with Susanne was a privilege that specifically Benni and Alex made sure to enjoy. It was, however, also a reminder of the home and friends we so dearly miss and saying goodbye to both Susanne and Gabriel was hence a painful exercise. In only seven weeks we will return home and by now we couldn’t be happier that we are approaching the end of our adventure. Being a nomad has been the experience of a life time. Knowing that we have a home and loving family and friends to come back too, however, is the true blessing in our lives.

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