Week 18 – South

Our time in the north has come to an end and while the incredible beauty of the Alaskan wilderness is hard to describe with mere words we are glad that we have now started our journey south. We are looking forward to warm temperatures and the beautiful absence of mosquito infestated woods. We are looking forward to paved roads and the conveniences of civilization.

We will miss my parents, as boarding the ferry in Haines also meant parting ways with them after four wonderful weeks together. We will miss my dad’s daily delivery of eggs for breakfast. We will miss my mom’s cooking. We will miss stopping at every gas station to indulge my father’s fear of running out of gas. We will miss his daily weather report; but most of all we will miss my parents’ company.

Alaska itself was beautiful, however, there are other parts of the US that offer a higher value for money. We travelled a total of 3.500 km in the last four weeks and while the constant beauty surrounding us was astonishing, Mieke and I particularily missed developed hiking trails that we can conveniently use with Benni and Alex to truly experience the wild. We would personally recommend to skip the Alaska Highway and fly directly into Anchorage and focus on the Dempster and Dalton Highway for anyone that wants to emulate our trip.

Our week in bullet points:

  • We stopped in Anchorage. Other than that we have now been in Anchorage there isn’t much to report. Downtown is a compilation of gift shops. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  • We stayed at Wrangell-St. Elias National Park for one night before fleeing from millions of flies and mosquitos eating away at our flesh. Leaving the park, the others gave me a head start, allowing for a wonderful 10 km run before being picked up along the road.
  • We spent another night in Tok, enjoying a wonderful afternoon in the sun (without any mosquitos!).
  • We spent our last evening together with my parents at Congdon Creek Campground in Destruction Bay. A nice fire, beer pong and a wonderful beach made for a great setting to say good bye.
  • We spent a day in Haines, getting Gonki ready for the ferry. We thoroughly cleaned the camper inside and out, making sure to get rid of the piles of sand amassed on the dirt roads we travelled on for the last couple of weeks. We took down the cargo hitch carrier and packed our bags for a four day ferry ride. We finally boarded the M/V Columbia to ship Gonki and ourselves ~3.000 km south.

Next stop: Vancouver!

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