Week 19 – Alaska Ferry, Vancouver & Olympic National Park

Our last full week together with Moritz and Jakob has passed in an eye blink and we have started to prepare for the time after their departure. The cargo hitch and mosquito sreenhouse are listed on Craigslist and are due to be picked up by potential buyers during our time in Portland (the amount of interest was quite stunning!). We have started the process of going through all cabinets to declutter the supplies and equipment that we have once again amassed over the last two months. We are sad to see our roomies go, however, also excited about two weeks of space and privacy until Gabriel is due to join us in San Francisco.

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Week 18 – South

Our time in the north has come to an end and while the incredible beauty of the Alaskan wilderness is hard to describe with mere words we are glad that we have now started our journey south. We are looking forward to warm temperatures and the beautiful absence of mosquito infestated woods. We are looking forward to paved roads and the conveniences of civilization.

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Week 17 – Halftime at Denali National Park

It’s half time and I can’t believe it. All the things that we have already been blessed to experience and it’s another three and a half months until we board our plane home. Simply mind blowing!

We took a moment to reflect on our top three parks that we have thus far been allowed to visit:

  • Badlands National Park
  • Grand Teton National Park
  • Jasper National Park (Mieke), Tombstone Territorial Park (Tim)

And the intense part of our journey is still ahead! We have visited 13 National Parks this far, with 20 still ahead of us. Unfortunately, our request to extend our visas is still pending so that there still is a possibility that we will need to cut our trip short.

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Week 16 – the Dempster Highway & a Dirty J

While the Alaska Highway was a disapppontment, the Dempster Highway is simply incredible! Turning north shortly before Dawson City, the Dempster Highway takes you 800 km along a gravel road all the way to the Beaufort Sea. We made it as far as Tombstone Territorial Park, 71 km into the journey, however, have vouched that we will return to make it the full distance. The plan is to fly into Whitehorse (without the boys) for a two week explorative trip, rent a jeep or motorcycles and off we go! While it’s going to be at least another two years before we can attempt the trip, please feel free to comment on this blog post in case you are interested in joining the madness or babysit the boys.

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