Week 15 – Driving in the Rain

I will keep this entry very short. We spent the last week driving 1.941 kilometres, mostly through pouring rain and fog. For me personally the Alaska Highway has thus far been an utter disappointment. It’s true that we have practically seen every animal imaginable – even a wolverine and a (very wet and unhappy looking) wolf – along the roadside, but the allure that the highway is exercising on so many has simply been lost on me. I want to experience the wilderness in person and not through a windshield. Unfortunately, the Alaska Highway offers little opportunity to explore on foot. I assume it’s a right of passage for anyone that wants to conquer Alaska, however, would I have the choice, I would try to circumvent the ordeal the next time around.

We have now arrived in Whitehorse, the destination of our honeymoon. Roaming the streets, we reminisced in memories long forgotten, surprised to visit so many of the shops and restaurants that we also enjoyed back in 2013. Dumb struck we actually ran into one of our honey moon travel companions at the Klondike Rib & Salmon (our favourite restaurant in Whitehorse): As a group of five we set out on a two week backcountry trip down the beaver river. Being flown in with a water airplane we spent two weeks cut off from civilisation. Rest assured these two weeks were quite bonding. Having lost track of one another over the years, we were simply exuberant to be reunited with Émelie. Even the more when she introduced us to her husband and seven week old son. We now have a date to meet up and catch up later this week and we are truly and wholeheartedly looking forward to it! As someone believing in statistical odds, reencounters such as this one simply drive me mad. Luckily, this time around a happy madness. We will make sure to relay our reunion in our next post.

2013 Honeymoon…


Because I assume that it will be held against me to not comment on today’s events, let me make the following argument: While Germany’s failure to move past the group stage at the 2018 worldcup saddens me, I want to stress that I have always strongly believed that success and failure of someone else should never truly impact your life. Care about your own achievements, not those of others. Life is simply too short to burden yourself with success and failure that you are not responsible for.


Our week in bullet points:

  • We spent two nights at KOA Hinton to prepare for the Alaska Highway. We namely spent two days washing, knowing that it could be two weeks before we had the opportunity to wash again.
  • We spent a lovely day at Saskatoon Provincial Park simmering in the heat as we hung on the radio to hear Germany grab victory at last second (with in fact a 10 minute delay due to a constantly buffering radio livestream).
  • We stopped at Beatton Provincial Park on route north to discover that the park’s gates would be closed from 23:00 until 07:00 in the morning. Having planned on leaving at 03:00 in the morning to cover some ground while the boys were still sleeping, I asked the young ranger whether she could leave the gate unlocked. She kindly offered to let us out at 03:00 a.m. and so it came that we were flashed by a sleepy ranger in her night garmates as she bent down to unlock the gates. Moritz was wide awake for the next half hour despite me taking on the first stint 😉
  • We stopped at the Liard River Hotsprings to take a dip in the most beautiful natural springs we have visited on this trip thus far. With water temperatures ranging between 40° to 52° C the pouring rain was soon forgotten!
  • Rain, lots and lots of it… We spent a day driving until we finally escaped the rain to stop at Teslin Lake for a well deserved BBQ dinner. Along the way we took a break to explore the Alaska Highway Schilderwald at Watson Lake. Quite a sight!

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