Week 12 – to keep or not to keep…

Mieke and I are debating whether we want to keep Gonki even after returning to Berlin in October. The damn camper has become like a second beloved home to us and despite already being on the road for more than two months, we can totally imagine ourselves going on camping trips during summer vacations to come. Keeping Gonki would mean to store the camper at an RV storage facility here in the US.

Luckily, these are quite common, offering outside, covered or indoor storage units that can accommodate RVs of practically any size. Rental contracts are usually month to month, which would allow us to easily change storage facilities and thus plan one way trips during future holidays. The numbers behind this insanity: keeping Gonki would cost us ~250 € per month / 3.000 € per year (storage, insurance, maintenance, taxes). Renting an RV of equivalent standard costs ~170 € per day, resulting in a yearly usage of 18 days to break even ignoring additional equipment that would need to be rented or purchased upon using a rental vehicle (e.g. child seats, BBQ). Our additional equipment needs would reduce the break even point to approximately 15 days a year, or a four week trip every two years. Suddenly, the idea doesn’t seem as insane anymore, especially as we would encourage our family and friends to make use of the camper (feel free to reach out to us directly in case you might be interested)! We will keep you posted on our final decision, but at the moment we are leaning towards keeping Gonki. Who would have thought!


The wife said that Gonki needs a wash and with no connectivity and a failed download of my new book, I took it upon myself to execute on the request. Two hours into the job and done for the night I can report that washing an RV by hand is a real bitch, as the sheer endless amount of surface is simply dishearting. Scraping thousands of insects of the front of the camper is also a rather unpleasant, though a weirdly satisfying exercise. But then again, who can say to have washed his car against the backdrop of Glacier National Park! I simply love this adventure!


The week in bullet points:

  • Yellowstone National Park was an utter disappointment. The magnificent natural beauty of the park was drowned by a tsunami of tourists. The campground was crowded and the sites dark and damp. The park obviously is a must see and the geyser eruptions we were allowed to witness were simply magnificent, however, we nonethless cut our stay short leaving for Grand Teton National Park after just three days.
  • Grand Teton was everything Yellowstone failed to be and provided a worthy setting for Mieke’s birthday. Our campsite with a perfect view of the mountains, a beautiful day hike under the bluest of skies and a fantastic sushi dinner.
  • Cutting Yellowstone short allowed us to add Glacier National Park back to our route. Originally cut to ensure we don’t spend more than 180 days in the US to not violate our visas, we can confirm that the “Crown of the Continent” is a truly wild place of sheer natural beauty. Graced by yet again another sunny day we made sure to spend the day exploring this vast wilderness! Funny side note: reencountered an Australian family on our hike that we had briefly met at Yellowstone National Park. That’s an eight hour drive away from here with Glacier National Park offering hundreds of different hiking trails. The world is simply just too small!

Two more days until Manuel and Moritz will join us. We are truly excited! I will force Moritz to write a couple of guest posts during his stay with us so that you can get a break from my rambling about. Until next week!

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  1. Einfach wundervoll, das alles mit zu lesen und die fotos zu sehen! Weiterhin noch so viel Spaß und viele liebe Grüße aus der Giesebrechtstr 6 unten rechts :-)))

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