Week 15 – Driving in the Rain

I will keep this entry very short. We spent the last week driving 1.941 kilometres, mostly through pouring rain and fog. For me personally the Alaska Highway has thus far been an utter disappointment. It’s true that we have practically seen every animal imaginable – even a wolverine and a (very wet and unhappy looking) wolf – along the roadside, but the allure that the highway is exercising on so many has simply been lost on me. I want to experience the wilderness in person and not through a windshield. Unfortunately, the Alaska Highway offers little opportunity to explore on foot. I assume it’s a right of passage for anyone that wants to conquer Alaska, however, would I have the choice, I would try to circumvent the ordeal the next time around.

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Week 14 – First Goodbye

David Cassidy once sang that “saying goodbye ain’t easy.” Man, was he right! This morning we sent Manuel on his way back to Berlin and Alex perfectly summarized our sentiment at dinner when he continuously asked for “Manu? Manu?”. I assume it’s going to be a couple of days until this feeling of missing an essential part of our group will disappear.

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Week 13 – Tales of Roomies, new Acquaintances & RV Maintenance

It’s official. Mieke and I once again have room mates that aren’t our children: Moritz and Manuel! They are loud, they smell, they snore, they are mean and they mess up our carefully crafted routines, but we simply love having them around! I was lucky to marry my best friend and while there is no one else I would rather sail to the end of the world with, it’s nice to have company to provide additional intellectual input on route to the horizon. Sadly, a dear friend of ours will not join us on our quest – a circumstance that has rather upset my dear wife. Never make promises unless you itend to keep them, otherwise they will come haunting you… Jakob on the other hand has now confirmed his flights, while my parents have already safely arrived in Calagary and are due to join us at the end of the week. We are looking forward to having them all!

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Week 12 – to keep or not to keep…

Mieke and I are debating whether we want to keep Gonki even after returning to Berlin in October. The damn camper has become like a second beloved home to us and despite already being on the road for more than two months, we can totally imagine ourselves going on camping trips during summer vacations to come. Keeping Gonki would mean to store the camper at an RV storage facility here in the US.

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Week 11 – Impending Guests

We are excited! Why? It’s only another three weeks until our little family road trip will grow into a full-grown travel caravan! Who will be joining?

  • Manuel (08.06 – 21.06) – Car + Tent
  • Moritz (08.06 – 28.07) – Couch
  • Claus + Karola (15.06 – 15.07) – RV
  • Gabriel + Beate (16.06 – 01.07) – Car + Tent
  • Jakob (29.06 – 28.07) – Couch
  • Scott + Sebastian (28.07 – 19.08) – Couch [not confirmed]
  • Susanne (28.08 – 03.09) – Couch

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