Week 7 – Longings

Dear Diary,

we have now been living on the road for a full month. Until now my longings are keeping within the expected realm an extended road trip in North America with two toddlers entails.

  • I miss being able to simply drop the kids in somebody else’s lap and lead an adult life for at least a part of my day.
  • I miss our coffee machine and milk frother – not for my own sake, but to be saved the effects of my wife’s lasting “good” coffee withdrawal. Americans are so misguided in their understanding of coffee that we have started to specifically state that we do not want any sweetener or caramel flavor added to our latte! What’s wrong with these people?
  • I miss the REWE grocery delivery service. Going grocery shopping is a total drag. It’s time consuming. simply annoying and usually ends with at least one of two kids throwing a food induced tantrum. REWE – I hereby solemnly swear loyalty to you as long as you continue to enslave drivers to carry my groceries to my door step!
  • I miss Friday Dinners. I miss cooking. I miss drinking. I miss kicking butt a table football. I miss mobbing Gabriel and Laurens. I miss the company of our wonderful friends.
  • I miss football. Those suckers are making a run for the championship and cup. And I will most likely miss both! WTF! I obviously ware my jersey on game days and cheer them on from afar. I am also monitoring whether the prices for flying back for the cup final will drop to a reasonable level at some point. Surely, it’s not worth $ 3.500 to fly back for a single game. Or is it?

I surprisingly don’t miss good bread and beer yet. The offering has definitely improved since my last extended stay in the States. Then again, it’s only been two months so let’s see how this will develop as our route becomes more remote…

The last week was again quite eventful. We discovered a hidden gem of a state park in Pennsylvania (Clear Creek State Park), toured the Niagara Falls (Cave of the Winds & Maid of the Mist) and took refuge with Andrew, Anne and their little son Ollie in Toronto. Andrew is one of Volker’s (Mieke’s brother) oldest friends. Three nights in a proper bed, a proper shower and the luxury of indoor space for Alex and Benni to play in – a true mini holiday from our camping adventure! Thank you Andrew and Anne for having us! As you know, we can hardly stay anywhere without taking at least a short hike/walk through nature. In Toronto, we spent a beautiful day walking through Chorley Park and Don Valley Brick Works Park to the Evergreen Brick Works. What an awesome place! We are really looking forward to coming again in summer to see it in it’s full glory. Today, before a wonderful lunch with Andrew and Anne, we went up the CN Tower, with the weather granting us a clear view all the way over to the United States. Benni particularly enjoyed the glass floor…

We are now setting our sails for our westward journey. First stop: Bruce Peninsula National Park!

Until next week!
– Tim

P.S. We spent several hours at Buffalo RV Repair. The check engine light was caused by two misfiring cylinders. The misfires were caused by inferior fuel. We will need to top up premium fuel with a higher octane level on the next couple of stops to avoid that the problem reoccurs. Otherwise the engine is perfectly fine. We are good to go!

Clear Creek State Park

Niagara Falls