Week 1 – Boston, MA

We have safely arrived in Boston, where we are staying with Mieke’s cousin Stine and her family. Expect for a two hour delay in London Heathrow the flights were uneventful. The boys managed fantastically and we are now slowly settling in. Benni has had a hard time adapting to the new time zone waking up at ~ 5am the first couple of days. While I have been appreciating the early start to the day, I am glad that a week in we are now back to our normal rhythm.

Aside from picking up the rv and getting it registered and insured, we’ve spent the last few days going on smaller excursions in and around Boston with Stine, her four children and Hertha, the little white Maltese dog, who has become Alex’ new best friend. We hiked and sledded through gorgeous winter-wonderland like snowed-in landscapes and visited the ‘Mapparium‘ in Boston, an enormous, inside-out glass globe built in 1935. Even the kids were impressed by the colors of the huge glass panels, the acoustics and the overall atmosphere. On Saturday, we had the opportunity to celebrate danish carnival with the kids. Benni dressed up as a fire fighter and even decorated a branch, traditionally done to welcome spring.

Registering our camper, which Benni has named “Gonki von Bismarck”, was a significantly more complicated endeavor than expected. I personally felt like Asterix and Obelix trying to obtain “Passierschein A38” visiting the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) five times in total before finally being issued the magical plates required to be on our way. Unbelievable that after all this planning our trip nearly ended before it had even started. Alas, Gonki is now standing in the driveway properly equipped with two beautiful licence plates that Benni helped me to install.

Our new licence plates

What’s next? We are expecting another blizzard that will delay our shopping tour to fully equip Gonki. More next week!